We here at ISM are so humble and happy to be back on the www. We’d love for you to share a testimony on how or what ISM meant to you. Better yet share a story about Miss. Collins!


5 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are being capable of becoming”. John R. Wooden, Head Basketball Coach, Emeritus, UCLA. Faith (through prayer) is at the top of the pyramid of success. With Christ in your life anything’s possible.

    The Christian work ethic promotes work hard individually which means giving your maximum effort to execute your role on the team or endeavor you have committed your self too. With the guidance of Christ I would like to pass on to our youth that you can increase your chances of being an athlete in college if you focus on academics, living with Christ in your life and networking.

    A lesson I learned from the Loving Miss Collins “Keep the Faith” which I observed in my youth the countless chances she would give to individuals to take advantage of the teachings of Christ and the importance of prayer. These individuals weren’t always in the greatest mental shape because of the ills of society. However, she never would turn her back on them. My mother worked for Ms. Collins from 1981-1991. During my youth I went there in the summers and would go to Matt Dishman as well. The local area youth would play basketball at her gym but before we could play we would have to attend bible study. I thought the greatest thing afterward was the snacks she would sell and give away like Grand ma’s Peanut Butter cookies and bags of cheese popcorn for 10 cents. I was even in a few of the Easter and Christmas pageants she would give every year with the children from the daycare and area. I still know John 3, Luke 2, Proverbs, Ephesians 6, and Matthew 24, by heart all scripture I was taught by Miss Collins. During life’s obstacles I recall lessons that Miss Collins was providing and it always helps me make better decisions. I’m proud to say that I’m the first one in my family to graduate from college with a 4-year degree. It’s an honor to be giving back to organization that represents Miss Collins.

    Coach Johnson

  2. Erika and Eric Chamberlain on April 17, 2012 at 10:58 am said:

    Miss. Collins was a rescue for our family. Eric and I were both under the age of 20 with 2 little girls that needed a safe and cost effecitve place for us to leave them while we both went to work. We were able to leave them and have piece of mind that all of their needs were tended to and they were okay. It is so great to be apart of such a wonderful organization and to know that this is all apart of what Mrs. Collins started so many years ago.

  3. I never really played for ISM but my older brother did when he was in the 7th grade at Lake Owsego Jr. High School, and I was a young 5th grade at Oak Creek Elementary School in Lake Owsego, OR
    None the less La Shawn took time out of his schedule for me. To be a positive male role model in my life. La Shawn made it very easy for me to bring any of my life issue or problem to him. He would listen to and give me very good feed back. Even when I drop out of High School La Shawn never turned his back on me. Thanks coach.

    Your truly

    LCPL. Sullivan

    Coach Chaney, and ISM gave me a place to play basketball, a team to be a part of and numerous friends I still have today!

    Coach Chaney was also instrumental in my ability to go to the high school of my choice .
    At ISM I learned many life lessons and that I had choices and how to make the right choices. I am glad I chose to stay on my ISM team and am very appreciative and thankful that Coach Chaney gave me the opportunity, which shaped my life.

    CJ Mitchell
    OSU Beavers 

  5. Have a wonderful safe trip and remember these boys in most cases would never get this opportunity if it were not for YOU and ISM!!! You have changed so many boys lives and given them opportunies to belong and have experiences they may have only been able to think about. CJ still talks about the trips he went on with you. The California trip was one he will never forget! You are AMAZING and we love you!!!!!

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